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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy and cookie policy page of Ferri Engineering Studio Associato in compliance with the provisions of the European regulation n.679 / 2016 (GDPR).

Our company does not process any data related to users through this site, but uses services provided by third parties to provide useful information and cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Third-party services on our site

On our site there are some Google services:

  • Google Maps (for the visualization of the map on the contact page);
  • Google Font (integrates the fonts on the site);
In no case these tools, as used and configured by our company, collect data that can be uniquely related to a specific subject.
For more information on how these services use browsing data, please refer to the privacy policy of Google Inc .:

Cookie policy

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Our site uses session cookies and the cookie that indicates the language of your choice for browsing within our site, this cookie is kept on your device for one year. These cookies do not allow in any way the acquisition of personal identification data of the user.

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